He is deemed the pioneer professor in Indian Astrological Science, because he has been the driving force in establishing astrology departments to render affiliated Certificate, Bachelors, Masters, and M.Phil degrees in astrology.


Ever since the year 2007, the founder has been serving as the president for TAGA Noteworthy, Tamilnadu Astrology Graduate Association (TAGA) has nearly 1500 Astrology Graduate members.

The authentic subjects covered in the different subject materials include:

Development of Course Material

The founder of Vimalanriias has the credit of authored the entire set of astrology course materials for Diploma, Certificate, Bachelors, and Masters degrees. The subject material includes everything ranging from basics through advanced astrological themes. The extracts of the subject material from several authentic texts has been compiled and presented in a student friendly manner by Dr. Vimalan.

Field Experience

He has 18 years experience as an educationist in the field of Astrology. He has crossed 25 years of real-time experience predicting horoscopes for people from all backgrounds. Scholars Graduated So Far Until date, Dr. Vimalan has awarded 4000 Astrology Diploma Degrees and 2000 Bachelors and Masters degree for students.

Established Astrology Departments in Universities

He has been responsible for having established astrology departments in three major universities in Tamil Nadu like: Sastra University, Tanjavur Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai Karpagam University, CoimbatoreCase Studies The founder has guided several real-time case studies to confirm the effects of astrological combinations relating to career. The number of research themes and confirmations rendered by astrological combinations cross more then 500.

He continues to guide astrology graduates involved in astrological research to prove different astrological theories with real-time case studies of horoscopes and thereby proving the influence of planetary combinations and their influence in the life of mankind.

Educational Qualifications of the Founder

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